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Amanda Cavaleri confirms as speaker

Amanda Cavaleri is a member of the Board of Directors of CleanSpark ($CLSK), CEO of APRES TECH (a Bitcoin-focused advisory firm), and producer of the Bitcoin Ski Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jackson Hole International Film Festival, a co-founder and advisor to the Bitcoin Today Coalition (nonprofit 501(c)(4)), and co-author of Bitcoin and the American Dream. Cavaleri is passionate about bridging the intersection of emerging technology and wisdom.

Before Bitcoin mining, she worked alongside David Chaum, PhD, cryptographer and the father of digital money, Mark Fleury, PhD, physicist and entrepreneur who professionalized open source software, as well as a handful of the most brilliant minds in Artificial Intelligence and robotics. She prioritizes grassroots education and has guest lectured at the University of Southern California, UMBC, and the University of Malta. Cavaleri has also taught diplomats (via the State Department IVLP program) and hundreds of Hill staffers about the Bitcoin Network’s innovation in freedom and equality as well as the importance of preserving privacy – a fundamental human right.

She received her MS from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, was an Innovation Fellow with AARP in Washington, DC, and served as Thought Leader with Carnegie Mellon University and UPMC’s Quality of Life Technology Center. Cavaleri understands Bitcoin to be the keystone technology to enable human flourishing because it is ruled by rules (math and physics), not rulers (small centralized group), has a 99.99% uptime since its immaculate inception in 2009, and is THE crucial tool to advance humanity over the coming decades.


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