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Family Friendly Festival

We will be making special a effort to make the Bitcoin Freedom Festival family friendly. The 14acre site which is home to The Festival is covered in lush, tropical, gated gardens and close to a pristine river, ideal for families to play in. We will have a dedicated KidZone, where smaller kids can hang out while parents attend talks and workshops. For families will be offering Plus One tickets, and all children under 16 are completely free.

On top of this, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, offering a wide range of activities and attractions that are perfect for all ages. Here are just a few reasons why Costa Rica is an excellent choice for a family vacation:

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise, with plenty of outdoor activities that will keep the whole family entertained. Take a hike through the rainforest, go ziplining through the treetops, or take a whitewater rafting trip down one of the many rivers. You can also visit wildlife reserves and see monkeys, sloths, and other exotic animals up close.

  2. Beautiful Beaches: Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with miles of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. There are plenty of family-friendly beaches with calm waters that are perfect for swimming, as well as more adventurous spots with great surf. You can also try snorkeling or scuba diving to see colorful fish and coral reefs.

  3. Eco-Tourism: Costa Rica is known for its commitment to eco-tourism, with many hotels and tour companies dedicated to sustainable practices. You can take a guided tour through a national park, visit a sustainable farm, or even take a cooking class using locally sourced ingredients. These experiences will not only be fun for the whole family but will also teach your children about the importance of conservation and sustainability.

  4. Cultural Experiences: Costa Rica has a rich culture and history that is worth exploring. You can visit indigenous communities, learn about the country's colonial past, or try traditional Costa Rican cuisine. There are also plenty of festivals and events throughout the year that offer a glimpse into local life.

  5. Safe and Welcoming: Costa Rica is a safe and welcoming country, with a low crime rate and a reputation for hospitality. You and your family can feel comfortable exploring the country on your own, or take advantage of the many family-friendly tours and activities available.

Overall, Costa Rica is a great place for a family holiday, with something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, this beautiful country has it all.


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