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Francis Pouliot confirms as speaker

Francis Pouliot is a Bitcoin entrepreneur, economist, researcher and industry spokesperson since 2013. Francis is also founder and CEO of Satoshi Portal, a Montreal-based fintech startup building the software and financial infrastructure for the Bitcoin Standard, notably through its two flagship applications Bylls and Bitcoin Outlet. Francis is the creator and project manager of Cyphernode, an open-source Bitcoin protocol infrastructure project.

Francis is co-founder of Catallaxy, a blockchain expertise and R&D center founded with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, acting as consultant for institutional clients including banks, crown corporations, private and public companies. Francis advises numerous government bodies including OSC's Fintech Committee, Fintrac, and Ministry of Finance.

Francis was Director of the Bitcoin Embassy, the world's first blockchain hub, is a visiting expert at Milan's Blockchain lab and was board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, in addition to being founder and CEO of the Bitcoin Foundation Canada in 2014.

Francis holds a master's degree in Public Policy obtained with distinction from King's College London, and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Montreal. His professional background is as a policy analyst and economist for various free-market think tanks, and he currently serves as associate researcher at the Montreal Economic Institute.


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