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Govinda Arunachala confirms as speaker

Following a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 19, Govinda set forth on a transformative journey over two decades ago. Since then, his dedication to liberating the heart, body, and soul from outdated programming, life's resistances, and toxicity has never wavered. Through intensive meditation, Kriya Yoga, fasting, and a variety of other disciplines, Govinda has effectively rechanneled the internal flows of energy towards the source of existence and spiritual enlightenment.

While studying business, finance, and economics, Govinda became acutely aware of the depraved and corrupt state of our societies. This understanding ignited a strong interest in hard money, leading him to become a 'gold bug' at an early age. This drive for monetary integrity brought him to Bitcoin in 2013, where he recognized its potential to overturn the prevailing financial system and steer civilization back onto a more virtuous path.

Animated by an entrepreneurial spirit and an intrinsic call to create a temple, he launched a successful online natural health business in 2012. Unbound to any physical location, his quest for the right place to build his temple lead him on a journey throughout the world, assimilating an array of cultural and spiritual insights before finally grounding himself in the heart of Costa Rica.

In 2020, Govinda's vision began to materialize in the creation of Awake Uvita, a temple and community sanctuary committed to catalyzing human liberation and awakening. A portal to bridge the realms and support man's quest for both spiritual and worldly freedom.


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